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GSN50 Concrete Gas Nailer/ Nail Gun

The GSN50 concrete gas nailer is an improved version based on GSN40A, and offers power up to 100J. It is worth mentioning that the battery for the nail gun has been changed from Ni-MH to Li-ion battery, which provides longer service life. With more compact size, the concrete nailer is more convenient to carry.

Using together with the nozzle, the gas nailer is compatible with many different kinds of nails or clips. It is an economical replacement of Pulsa 700.

Technical Parameters of the Concrete Gas Nailer
Model No. GSN50
Length of Nails 15-40mm
Shank Diameter 2.6-3.0mm
Head Diameter 6.3mm
Power 100J
Weight 4.0kgs
Charge Time 2-2.5 hours
Battery Type Li-ion, 7.2V 1.5Ah
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