1. GSN40 Concrete Gas NailerAfter improvements of several times, the shell of the GSN40 concrete gas nailer is quite solid. Rubber suction nozzle is adopted in the gun head so as to reduce pressure and protect the working surface during the operation. Moreover, the service life of this product is ensured by imported electrical machinery. On the basis of the demands of customers, the design of a rubber cover on the hand shank can alleviate wrist pain during the operation.
    1. GSN50 Concrete Gas Nailer/ Nail GunThe GSN50 concrete gas nailer is an improved version based on GSN40A, and offers power up to 100J. It is worth mentioning that the battery for the nail gun has been changed from Ni-MH to Li-ion battery, which provides longer service life. With more compact size, the concrete nailer is more convenient to carry.
    1. GSN40A Concrete Gas NailerThis GSN40A concrete gas nailer is an improved version of the GSN40. The original power has increased to 90J and thus achieves a better effect of nail shooting. This product can be used together with the drive pins for steel and concrete and the 165A/154 fuel cell developed and manufactured by us.
    1. GSN65 Concrete Gas NailerBased on the version of GSN40A, the power of the heavier GSN65 concrete gas nailer has been improved from 90J to 120J, and this improved version well matches 2.6-3.7 mm wire diameter and 65mm length drive pins. Moreover, the product can penetrate thicker (4-5mm) steel plate. This facility can be used together with the drive pins for steel and concrete and the 165A fuel cell developed and manufactured by us.

Concrete Gas Nailer

As a professional manufacturer dealing in the research, development and production of concrete gas nailers, Toua has 7 years of relevant experience. Our gas nailers are granted with CE certificate after the development of these years. By continuously improving and upgrading our technology and production facilities, the quality of the product has been greatly improved and it is therefore more reliable. We possess more than 10 researchers who are strict and conscientious in their design solutions. In order to better adapt to the demand of the market and customers, Toua researches and develops new products.

The gas concrete nailer manufactured in Toua is mainly applied in the fixation of metal plate and wood plate on the concrete, bricks and steel. Compared with the common and time-consuming methods of drilling, dowelling and screwing, it saves a lot of time. Besides, its advantage of dust elimination provides better working condition which is beneficial to worker’s health. The gas nailer, simple in operation and easy for transportation, has replaced the traditional pneumatic nailer which requires compressor. This product can be used independently and compared with powder actuatednailer, it is highly efficient, more secure and low in composite cost. Our product has been exported to the overseas markets of Australia,South Korea, Europe and South America, etc. Besides, we also manufacture related products such as drive pins for steel and concrete as well as 165A/154 gas tank. We suggest that you purchase these related products together with the gas nailers. Detailed information is in the introduction to the drive pin and the fuel cell.

Pictures of the Application
Fix the steel on the concrete

Fix the window and door

1. Driven by stronger power, the nails shot by the concrete gas nailer can penetrate 3mm thickness steel plate and fix it on the concrete.
2. Improved Productivity ensures better success rate.
3. A convenient hook and a full comfort grip are employed in this facility.
4. The spare parts of this product include BMC, Ni-MH battery, battery charger and other service tools.

At present, the product manufactured by us are mainly divided into there models, namely GSN40, GSN40A and GSN65.

Technical Parameters
165A/154mm fuel cell
Model No. GSN40 GSN50 GSN40A GSN65
Length of Nails 15-40mm 15-40mm 15-40mm 15-65mm
Shank Diameter 2.6-3.0mm 2.6-3.0mm 2.6-3.0mm 2.6-3.7mm
Head Diameter 6.3mm 6.3mm 6.3mm 6.3mm
Power 80J 100J 90J 120J
Weight 3.5kgs 4.0kgs 3.5kgs 4.8kgs
Charge Time 2-2.5hours 2-2.5hours 2-2.5hours 2-2.5hours
Battery type Ni-MH 6V 1.5Ah Li-ion 7.2V 1.5Ah Ni-MH 6V 1.5Ah Ni-MH 6V 1.5Ah

Payment terms: L/C or T/T
Drive Pin for Steel and Concrete

Length of Nails : 15-40mm
Shank Diameter : 2.6-3.0mm

Related Names
Gas Powered Nailer | Roofing Stapler | Concrete Floor Nailer | SPIT PULSA Nailer | Concrete Gas Nail Gun | POWER Concrete Gas Nailer