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GFN3490CH Gas Framing Nailer

This GFN3490 CH gas framing nailer is the first type of gas framing product developed by Toua. After continuous efforts for a period of time, our CE certificated products are sold in the overseas market of Australia, South America, etc. This device is mainly used to fix one timber on another timber. Compared with the air nailers, this equipment is free of the hose and the compressor is highly efficient and convenient. The 165 A fuel cells and the paper strip nails provided by us can be used together with this equipment. For details please consult our introductions to the nails and the fuel cells.

The fixation of various types of timbers. Mainly used in the construction of wooden houses or the interior decoration of households.

Pictures of the Application
The connection of timbers

1. This portable nailer, without hoses or compressors, can be used conveniently at any working place.
2. User can adjust the nailing depth freely.
3. Improved productivity of this CE-certificated nailer ensures faster performance.
4. Enough power to drive 3-1/2" framing nails
5. A convenient hook and paper strip nails are employed in this facility.
6. Full comfort grip and 165A fuel cell are equipped in this nailer.
7. The spare parts of this device include BMC, Ni-MH battery, battery charger and other service tools.

Technical Parameters
Model No.: GFN3490CH
Description : Gas Powered Framing Nailer
Nail Size (Paper Strip Nails): Nail Length: 2"-3 1/2"(50-90mm)
Shank Diameter: .113"-.131"(2.9-3.3mm)
Head Diameter: .266"-.303"(6.7-7.7mm)
Magazine Capacity: 48 nails
Net Weight: 3.7 kgs
Power: 80J
Recharge Time: 2.5 hours
Battery Type: Ni-MH 6V 1.5Ah
Tool Dimension: 384x338x107mm
            CE Certificate                             Paper Strip Nails              165A Fuel Cell

Nail Length: 2"-3 1/2"(50-90mm)
Payment terms: L/C or T/T
Shank Diameter: 113"-131"(2.9-3.3mm)

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