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GSN40T Single Shot Gas Nailer

As the most versatile gas technology tool in the industry, our GSN40 T single shot gas nailer is mainly used for the fixation of wire and wire tube. This equipment employs a revolutionary new technology to fasten concrete, hollow block, pan deck and steel. The technology spares the need to change power level. Besides, this device, which well matches the 165A/ 154 gas tank produced by us, has passed CE certification. If you have any demand for the related single-shot nails, please provide samples, based on which we would quote, provide samples for confirmation and then manufacture.

the fixation of wire and wire tube

Technical Parameters
Model No.: GSN40T
Nail Size: Length of Nails: 15-50mm Shank Diameter: 2.6-4.0mm Head Diameter: Less than 8mm
Net Weight: 3.47 kgs
Power: 80J
Charge Time: 2.5 hours
Battery Type: Ni-MH 6V 1.5Ah
Tool Dimension: 380x107x348mm
Magnetic Nosepiece

As a key accessory of single shot gas nailer, the magnetic nosepiece makes it possible for this facility to shoot a series of magnetic fasteners.

165A/154 mm Fuel Cell
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