1. Gas Framing NailerThis GFN3490 CH gas framing nailer is the first type of gas framing product developed by Toua. After continuous efforts for a period of time, our CE certificated products are sold in the overseas market of Australia, South America, etc. This device is mainly used to fix one timber on another timber. Compared with the air nailers, this equipment is free of the hose and the compressor is highly efficient and convenient.
    1. ST Nail Gas NailerThis GSN40ST ST nail nailer is a new product developed on the basis of customers’ demand. The CE certificated facility sells rather well and wins reputable credit in the overseas markets of South Korea and South America. Customers can also select and purchase related products such as the 165/154 fuel cell. Although temporarily we do not manufacture ST nails, we can act as a purchasing agent if there is any demand.
    1. Single Shot Gas NailerAs the most versatile gas technology tool in the industry, our GSN40 T single shot gas nailer is mainly used for the fixation of wire and wire tube. This equipment employs a revolutionary new technology to fasten concrete, hollow block, pan deck and steel. The technology spares the need to change power level. Besides, this device, which well matches the 165A/ 154 gas tank produced by us, has passed CE certification.

Gas Nailer

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