1. Paper Collated Strip NailsWith 11 years of experience in the manufacture of paper collated strip nail, Toua has accumulated much experience in the relevant technology. Complete production facilities, such as nail making machine and wire drawing machine are employed in our plant. The raw material for this product has passed strict quality test. Furthermore, we have gradually improved our surface treatment technology.
    1. Drive Pin for Steel and Concrete/ Hardened NailsEquipped with special purpose equipment for heat treatment, Toua ensures the hardness and strength of this drive pin for steel and concrete. This type of product is used together with our gas nailer to fix steel plate on the concrete or steel plate. Besides, it can also match most of the gas nailers in the market. This commodity sells rather well in Europe, South Korea, America,Japan, etc., especially in the Chinese market.
    1. Plastic Collated Strip NailsThis CE certificated plastic collated strip nail is mainly used in the plastic collated strip nailer. This commodity is free of veining and the gaps between them can reduce the possibility of jammed nail. Besides, the effect of nail-shooting is rather agreeable since the nails shot from the nailer don’t bend. Our excellent surface treatment technology has endowed these products with a good performance of corrosion resistance.
    1. Wire Collated Coil NailsThe high hardness wire collated coil nail manufactured by Toua adopts selected high carbon steel. After heat treatment, the commodity possesses satisfying hardness and strength and it can therefore penetrate the steel plate and fix it on the concrete. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of the product is quite good. The welding effect on the welding wire and this type of product is rather agreeable since there is almost no false soldering.
    1. 15 Degree Wire Collated Conical Coil NailsThis 15 degree wire collated conical coil nail is suitable for various types of coil nailers. The superior quality of raw material, which spares bent nail and veining, has ensured a good effect of nail-shooting. The excellent surface treatment technology guarantees great performance of corrosion resistance. The agreeable welding effect on the welding wire and the product spares false soldering, jammed nail and dropped nail.
    1. 0 Degree/15 Degree Plastic Collated Coil NailsThe CE certificated 0 degree/15 degree plastic collated coil nail manufactured by Toua employs imported plastic belt which nearly spares jammed nails. Besides, the superior quality of raw material, which spares veining or bent nails, has ensured excellent nail-shooting effect. Furthermore, the product does not break easily. The excellent surface treatment technology guarantees satisfying performance of corrosion resistance.
    1. Insulation NailThe insulation nail is mainly designed for fixation and fastening building insulation boards, and is often used in combination with our insulation gas nailer of model GSN40D or GSN50D. It is mainly made up of three parts: the nylon sleeve, galvanized steel screw filled in the sleeve, and the nylon retaining washer for fixing the insulation boards.


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