Nanjing Toua Hardware &Tools Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.129 Linqi Road, Dongshan Enterprise R&D Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
(Mainland) Zip: 211103
Tel.: +86-25-52174016
Fax: +86-25-52174014

About Toua

TOUA Hardware & Tools has been the professional handyman’s choice since 1992. We are a trusted Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty gas nailers and related accessories. Our complete catalogue includes diverse selections such as the concrete gas nailer, gas framing nailer, insulation gas nailer, single-shot gas nailer, and much more. In order to properly compliment the performance of these devices, our collection of premium fuel cells is highly recommended. A wide assortment of durable nails including paper, wire, and plastic collated strip nails are available.

Clients can enjoy sincere services and our famous quality guarantee. Continual improvement distinguishes us from the competition. TOUA agents are present in major cities across mainland China. We maintain long-term cooperative relations with hardware distributors in countries and regions including America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc. Our agents are present in major cities across mainland China.

We are approved by ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. After years of groundwork we have emerged as a prominent manufacturer in the industry. In 2012, we recorded a sales figure of 25 million USD. Our projected sales figure for 2013 steadily approaches 30 million USD.

TOUA is one of the 5 subsidiary branches affiliated with the corporate giant TENGYA Enterprise. The group is headquartered in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province. Its production facilities occupy nearly 50,000 square meters and are operated by 450 dedicated employees. Other subsidiaries include Yitian (Nanjing) Hardware, Nanjing Chuangqi Auto Parts, Nanjing TOUA Oak Sports Facility Engineering, and Jiangsu TOUA Tianze Investment Management.

Our company has more than a decade of design and manufacturing experience for heavy-duty nails. We own completes sets of automated production equipment including the drawing machine, nailing machine, nail making machine, chain riveting machine, and cold heading machine. These devices greatly enhance our production capacity, effectively improving our ability to meet delivery deadlines.

We have 8 years of production experience with gas nailer fuel cells. Our developers systematically unravel problematic issues to enforce high standards of safety. We have continually introduced new and innovative products to fill market gaps. The first TOUA gas nailer was launched 7 years ago. Every year new product models are unveiled. In 2012, we developed one variant of the ST nail gas nailer and 2 variants of the insulation gas nailer based on working principles of the original gas framing nailer and concrete gas nailer.

Gradually, we are easing into configurations for bulk production. Our OEM service is available to clients from around the world. Customer feedback allows us to effectively improve product quality. Already, TOUA gas nailers have received critical acclaim on international markets.

We are prepared to inject investments over the next few years to substantially boost development and upgrade manufacturing equipment. We strive to raise the cost-performance of our products and satisfy the demands of our clientele.