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As to general customers, favorable wholesale price is based on ordered quantity and the types of product. If a customer orders a full container of products, we would merely charge a price same as that of general cargo. Besides, our company bears the carriage of dangerous cargos.

For client agent, we provide factory price on the basis of the types of ordered products. For ordered quantity of a full container, we only charge a price same as that of general cargo. Besides, we provide 1% of maintenance fee for ordered tools and on the basis of the market situation, we also offer a definite quantity of free quick-wear parts as well as annual guide to after-sales service (which is based on the demand of market). The annual guide can be conducted in the place of both our company and the client agent.

We sincerely want agents and dealers in various regions. For detailed requirement and demand please consult the linkman of the factory.

For any customized product please contact the salesmen. Please tell us the specific range of applications, relevant pictures and technical parameters of the product, based on which we can manufacture satisfying products.

Pre-Sales Service
With professional technical team, our company offers professional product introduction and technical consultation. Besides, our sales team removes customers’ worries by providing timely answers for their questions about the details of products and by positively responding to their reasonable demands.

Training Service
We provide customers with training service in the usage, maintenance and technology of gas nailer, fuel cell and nail. The training process is as follows:

a) The staff members appointed by customers go to the factory of TOUA or other places specified by TOUA to attend training.

b) After-sales service staff gives customers an introduction to the usage of the products and the cautions for the usage of tools.

c) The service staff informs customers of the features of the gas nailer and the fuel cell.

d) The customers try to practice the usage of the equipment and the staff should correct, if any, improper operation.

e) An explanation of the common faults in the gas nailer and solutions for such faults.

f) Explanation and demonstration of proper methods to keep and maintain the gas nailer and the fuel cell.

g) Serviceman asks customers to try to demonstrate the methods of keeping and maintaining the gas nailer and the fuel cell and he should correct any improper methods if any.

h) At last, the serviceman asks the customers to narrate the features of the products and the cautions as to the usage of the products and he should make corrections if there is any problem.

i) After the training, the staff would fill a training form and invites the customers to sign their names for confirmation.

Maintenance Service
For maintenance of any product sold by us, please send it to the maintenance factory specified by local agent, wholesaler and dealer.